A Typical Sunday

At the door
A typical church worship service starts promptly at 10am and runs for about sixty minutes.   


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When you arrive you will find a person or two stationed at our main entrance who is there to greet and assist you with any special needs you may have and to help you get oriented in the church. The greeters typically have a handout (ie. a bulletin) which provides you with the order of the service and some additional details concerning events in the life of our community.

Scent free
Our church is a scent sensitive environment. 


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Respecting those among us who have conditions of asthma, allergies, and migraines we ask all those who attend our worship services (and other public events at the church site) to refrain from using any personal grooming products which have strong scents, odors or fragrances.

We are nursing friendly
We welcome nursing mothers who wish to breast feed their children. 


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Please feel free to nurse your child right where you are seated.  Should a nursing mother desire an alternate location or greater privacy we provide a rocking chair in the nursery in our lower level of the church.  Speakers in the nursery allow those using this space to continue to listen in on the worship service.

Accessibility and the general layout
Our building has two levels and both are wheel chair accessible.  


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The main entrance opens into our sanctuary on the main level which has an accessible washroom equipped with a change table for infants and toddlers.  Wheel chair access to the lower level of the building is available from an exterior entranceway located in the parking lot at the back of the church.  The lower level also has two more washrooms (one which is fully accessible), two small classrooms, a nursery, a large common hall with a raised stage, and a large kitchen.

We have a special time in each service dedicated to children


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Ten to fifteen minutes into the service we call the children (grades 1-5) forward for a brief story or song before they are escorted by adults to the lower level of the church.  All adults supervising and teaching during this time have undergone security screening and must work within a team.   Your child can expect to receive a time of social interaction with some dynamic teaching  by the team who deliver a program of story/song/game/craft.   If you wish, your children are welcome to stay with you during the service, or they may participate in this Junior Church time designed to meet their needs.  Also you are free to escort your children downstairs to observe what they experience and learn during their Junior Church time.

Your young children are very important to us.  


More about Infants/toddlers…

We have a fully equipped nursery which parents can use on their own or with assistance of other parent volunteers in the congregation.  The nursery is equipped with a change table, sink, rocking chair, crib, toys, and speakers which broadcast the worship service.

Music and other arts
Each week the music in our worship is lead by our music director and our adult choir.   


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The main instrument used in our worship is a grand piano.  The music within the service ranges from hymns, choral selections, praise songs and choruses.   Congregants with musical gifts (in voice or with other instruments) are encouraged to contact our music director to arrange a time where these musical gifts may be part of our worship.  Congregants who have any other artistic gifts (such as videography, painting, drama, poetry, puppeteering, etc) are encouraged to speak to the Pastor who will help arrange a time for these gifts to be incorporated into our worship.

Prayer is an important aspect of every service.    


More about prayer

There is a time of communal prayer in the middle of the service which is led by the Pastor or another member of the congregation.  Congregants are invited to pray aloud only if they feel led to do so.  No one is ever singled our or put on the spot.

The sermon is a brief message (typically spanning 18-20 min) which seeks to convey the central meaning of a passage of Scripture being considered.


More about Sermon

The meaning is explained within the historical background and context of the book/letter in which the text was written. Typically, the meaning is illustrated to help the congregation grasp how the principles and truths from Scripture can be applied to our everyday lives.  Sometimes slides, videos clips, art, or stories are used to help in illustrating the message and to keep the message engaging and relevant.

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