July 21, 2024

Our Beliefs

bible picOur unique triune God and our relationship to him

We believe that God has revealed himself as three persons in one unique being who exists eternally and equally as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  


More About God…

This One unique God has created and presently sustains the entire universe.  We believe that God’s eternal purpose toward humanity was always to create and call a people for Himself— a people who would enjoy His company in a mutual relationship, unhindered expression of their admiration, and freedom to honour God by their love and loyalty forever.  God’s unique being, character, and ongoing action in our human history are worthy of our serious attention and devotion.

Jesus as our Savior and Lord

We believe that God continues to reveal glimpses of his character and purposes through the grandeur of his creation and throughout our human history.  


More About Jesus…

God has most supremely revealed His intentions toward humanity by becoming fully human in Jesus without diminishing His divine nature.   God has chosen this remarkable intervention in our human history because we have rejected God in our disobedience.  Jesus taught and modeled the way of God’s kingdom; understanding from the beginning that He would need to make a significant sacrifice to restore our relationship with Him.  This is the reason why Jesus willingly accepted His unjust conviction and sentence of death on a cross.  Witnesses have recorded that Jesus rose from the tomb establishing once for all His true divine nature, the rule of His kingdom on earth, and His shattering of the power of sin and death over humanity.  In this saving work of Jesus, human beings have been given the opportunity to embrace a new freedom to live by faith in obedience to God’s good will and purposes for us once again.

The Holy Spirit of God

We believe that God through the power of his Holy Spirit calls and invites all people to be reconciled with him through Jesus and to become part of God’s global family of faith.  


More About The Holy Spirit…

Touched and changed on the inside by the power of the Holy Spirit, believers publically declare their faith and loyalty to Jesus as their Savior and Lord, are welcomed into the kingdom of Christ through baptism, and are affirmed and renewed in their faith through regular worship and the celebration the Lord’s Supper.  We believe that by the power of the God’s Holy Spirit believers are continually guided in their understanding and interpretation of the Bible, and are moved by joy to invite others to know Jesus and to experience this new way of life.

On the wider practice of our faith

We believe we are called to turn away from:

  • ignorance of God…  to a personal relationship with God and to be a vibrant part of God’s global family of believers
  • bondage of sin and past mistakes… to healing, forgiveness, and freedom
  • individualism…  to a healthy interdependence with each other
  • choices that harm us, others, and the earth… to choices that actively promote wholeness, healing, justice, and peace
  • indifference… to engaging our neighbours and the world with acts of kindness, mercy and love
  • consumerism… to the freedom of generosity and to the gift of sharing with all in need
  • mere existence… to being filled with the Holy Spirit of God and to living out our days as ambassadors and servants of God’s love and good will toward humanity

On the return of Christ

As followers of Christ, we look forward to the day when God will once again return visibly to the earth in Jesus to call all that He has created to account and to complete His plan of restoring all things under God’s eternal rule.